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Final Call for Entries in Rural Women New Zealand WoolOn Creative Fashion Event

There’s still time to get your entry into the Rural Women New Zealand WoolOn Creative Fashion Event being held 26-27 May.

“This partnership will create a strong visual link between grassroots farming and production of

quality wool fibre that excels in the world of fashion,” says Fiona Gower, National President of Rural

Women New Zealand.

The event organising committee has decided to extend the entry timeframe until 24 March and

people entering won’t need to hand their garments in until 27 April.

“So, there is still plenty of time to get creative,” say WoolOn chairperson, Clair Higginson.

Ms Higginson says It is exciting to have Rural Women New Zealand as the naming sponsor for this

year’s event.

“Wool is an important story not only for Central Otago where the Awards are held but also for New Zealand. The Central Otago region’s landscape has always been the perfect backdrop to inspire designers’ fashion clothing over the years,” Ms Higginson says.

“The Rural Women New Zealand WoolOn Creative Fashion Event makes the connection between fibre, art and glamour. You see bold cutting edge design from a beautiful raw product.”

All garments entered must be 75% wool and there are eight categories in the event:

  • STREETWEAR - A versatile daytime outfit with strong directional modern looks

  • SPECIAL OCCASION - A glamorous outfit that speaks of confidence and quality and takes presentation to higher levels of sophistication

  • AVANT-GARDE - A garment that delights in the unconventional and unexpected

  • COLLECTIONS - Three complete cohesive looks with a common design theme

  • FELTED - Utilising techniques to highlight felts uniqueness and versatility

  • HAND-CRAFTED: KNITTED, CROCHETED, WOVEN, NEEDLEPOINT - Innovative use of any of these handcrafted techniques

  • MACHINED: MACHINE KNITTED, MACHINE WOVEN - Innovative use of any machine crafted techniques

  • YOUNG DESIGNER - Streetwear that is youthful, fresh and edgy

  • U23 EMERGING DESIGNER AWARD - The best U23 entry across all sections

  • Rural Women New Zealand SUPREME AWARD - The best entry across all sections

The Rural Women New Zealand WoolOn Creative Fashion Supreme event will be held on Saturday 27th May where the winners are announced. On Friday 26th May there is another opportunity to be involved at the “First Look event” – this event provides the opportunity for families of all generations to enjoy this fashion extravaganza.

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