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Exciting new venue for 2020

The WoolOn committee has announced an exciting new venue for the 2020 event - Highlands in Cromwell.

Committee chair Victoria Ravenscroft said Highlands had been very generous, and the museum and motorsport park venue gave the flexibility to combine grass roots wool craft and the glamour of a world class fashion design event.

Alongside the Cromwell venue, the WoolOn team has been able to honour the event’s Alexandra roots by strengthening the partnership with Central Stories Museum. Future opportunities are being planned for WoolOn Society members to access the historic garment collection and learn more about care and storage of wool garments, along with design and techniques through the years.

The 2020 WoolOn Creative Fashion event will be held on 14th and 15th August.

Highlands Chief Operating Officer Josie Spillane said she was excited to have the facilities being used in such an innovative and glamorous way, as the new host of WoolOn.

“It’s a unique way to showcase so much of what Central Otago has on offer and we look forward to working with the team to ensure the 2020 event is a resounding success for the region.”

“We can’t wait to play our part in this exceptional event.”

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