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WoolOn 2021 Entries Open

Designers to the ready - WoolOn 2021 entries are set to open!

WoolOn Creative Fashion event is one of New Zealand’s iconic fashion events, encouraging both new and experienced designers to create visual, wearable pieces using New Zealand’s most sustainable wool fibres.

Based in gorgeous Central Otago, WoolOn aims to showcase and develop wool design and artistry in New Zealand. Young designers, experienced designers and master-crafters are invited to challenge themselves on a stage where their creativity is encouraged and celebrated.

Promising to be bigger and bolder than before, WoolOn 2021 features new categories and awards - including the Mata-Au Award for the entry that best “reflects and showcases our culture” across all categories.

Changes to entry criteria allows more flexibility for designers, with the definition of wool fibre being expanded for the first time to include alpaca, cashmere, angora goat and mohair, along with the traditional sheep.

Entries will also no longer have to be created within 12 months of the WoolOn event as long as it has never been entered into another event or competition.

WoolOn Creative and Fashion Society Inc designer liasion Bev Muir said the changes would allow designers the ability to showcase work they may have created for the cancelled 2019 event and the 2020 event affected by Covid-19.

“It takes a lot of time and effort for designers to create a garment and we wanted to acknowledge that, and give them the ability to still use work they may have already started. As long as it has never featured on a catwalk somewhere or been entered in another competition it will be eligible for entry,” Mrs Muir said.

Opening up the entries in 2020 rather than waiting until next year also gave designers certainty and something to focus on during the restricted alert levels, Mrs Muir said.

Entries for WoolOn 2021 open from 4 May 2020 and close 3 May 2021 and will be available on the WoolOn website or by emailing

WoolOn 2021 will be held at Highlands 13 and 14 August. For more information about WoolOn 2021 see

Designers and supporters of WoolOn can also get regular updates on WoolOn’s activities on WoolOn’s Facebook page 'WoolOn Creative Fashion Event'.

PHOTO By Lisa Davidson Photography

Featured design ‘A touch of Copper’ by Viv Tamlyn

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