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And the 2021 Winners Are ...

Following on from Sunday's expo and workshops, a selection of the WoolOn 2021 winning garments are currently on display at Central Stories Museum and Art Gallery in Alexandra, so go on down and marvel at a selection of the amazing winning garments.

Above are the Supreme Award winner and runners up, which are part of the display. From left, 'Tokyo' by Laurel Judd, 'Safety Dance' by Simone Montgomery and 'From Ward to Wine' by Charlotte Hurley.

Saturday night's Gala Awards were a huge success, and judges commented on the high level of skill, artistry and creativity on show. They said they found it extremely hard to choose just one winner in each category, and encouraged all designers to keep on entering.

The winners for 2021 are:

Supreme Award winner:

Simone Montgomery - 'Safety Dance'

Supreme Award First Runner Up:

Charlotte Hurley - 'From Ward to Wine'

Supreme Award Second Runner Up:

Laurel Judd - 'Tokyo'

Avant Garde:

Laurel Judd - 'Chelsea Flower Show'


Simone Montgomery - 'Safety Dance'


Laurel Judd - 'Phoenix Rising'


Wilma Falconer - 'Sashiko'


Maureen McKenzie - 'All Patched Up'


Charlotte Hurley - 'From Ward to Wine'


Nicola Donald - 'Little White Dress'


Laurel Judd - 'Loop de Loop'

School Designer Award Winner:

Maddie Wellbrock - 'Rewa Rewa'

Under 23 Designer Award Winner:

Emma McRobie - 'Indistinct' - Collection

Mata Au Award for Cultural Interpretation:

Sophia Hinsen - 'Cold and Hot'

Technique Award:

Laurel Judd - 'Tokyo'

School Award winner: Designer Maddie Wellbrock - 'Rewa Rewa'


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