WoolOn is not just one event, it’s an exciting programme for designers, aspiring designers, wool crafters and fashion lovers, brought to you by the WoolOn team. 


As an incorporated society, part of our mandate is to provide learning and education opportunities for anyone wanting to learn about wool crafting techniques and wool industry.


Our events and programmes provide opportunities for everyone to learn more about wool craft techniques, fashion design, and interest or career pathways.

Following the success of last year's pilot learning programmes, we are connecting interested school designers with experienced wool crafters and designers for support and learning. Email hello@woolon.co.nz for more information.

This year's event programme is to include an exciting WoolOn Expo on Sunday 15th August 2021, to be held in Alexandra and open to all. We will give you more details of the programme and workshops through our social media, so follow us to stay up to date.

Enjoy! And watch out for other exciting ways to learn and connect as WoolOn 2021 unfolds.


The WoolOn Creative and Fashion team.