WoolOn is not just one event, it’s an exciting digital programme for designers and aspiring designers, brought to you by the WoolOn team. 


As an incorporated society, part of our mandate is to provide educational opportunities for designers, young people and those wanting to learn about wool crafting techniques and wool industry.


Our Education Team provides opportunities for schools to teach students woolcraft techniques, as well for designers and members of the public to upskill in the industry.   

Last year in response to Covid-19, instead of holding a physical event, WoolOn pivoted and moved online.  Our education programme has expanded to reflect this.

WoolOn Online is free, and it’s open to anyone, anywhere. You just need a passion for wool craft and design. The programme is designed to run throughout the year and includes ways to share your skills, learn new things, improve techniques, interact with and be inspired by other designers.


WoolOn HandsOn - sharing skills, teaching and learning - a digital one-on-one learning initiative.


Last year we  began with WoolOn HandsOn, our way to help you share your skills, learn something new, improve a skill you already have, stay connected, get your creative brain buzzing and craft your garment entries for WoolOn 2021.

WoolOn HandsOn runs continuously so you can complete a questionnaire each time you want to learn something new or share another skill.


The WoolOn HandsOn Programme:

For each match, you will be either a teacher or a learner – in some cases you and your match could be both.


Your information will only be given to the person you’re matched with, and they only get your name and email. The rest of the information we ask you to provide is to help us make better matches.


You commit to a one-hour online session, and there’s no obligation to keep in touch after the session. If you’re happy to do more, that’s up to you!  

How to join:

Complete the online survey below and we will pair you up with someone who wants to learn the skill you can teach, or who can teach you the skill you want to learn.  You won’t hear from us until we find someone to match with you.


We connect you by email, so all we share is your name and email address.


Once you get your match by email, we encourage you to set up a way to connect that suits both of you. The teacher gets preference over time and platform. 


Enjoy! And watch out for other exciting ways to learn and connect as WoolOn Online unfolds.


The WoolOn Creative and Fashion team.

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